The pharmaceuticals sector has evolved rapidly in recent years after decades of blockbuster drugs and bumper profits. Competition is now fiercer and the winners in the current market will be defined by their agility and responsiveness. Candela has been helping AstraZeneca change its image in IT leadership and reverse a long standing reliance on third party IT contractors and systems integrators. Attracting industry leaders with experience of IT discipline from other sectors has enabled the organization to reduce its cost base by hundreds of millions of dollars whilst significantly increasing its capability - rationalizing the infrastructure estate, moving to cloud and SaaS based solutions, building internal talent capabilities in software shared services in lower cost locations, capitalizing on the leading edge Bay Area technology network are a few of the progress steps made in the last 18 months. Over the same period the stock price has increased close to 50%, representing the confidence in management direction and the steps being taken to turn the business around. The cost of IT is on track to be reduced by 50% over the next three years. In 2014 alone, $150m was saved and instead provided additional funding for drug development programmes. Customer satisfaction improved by 16 percentage points, critical system stability improved by over 80% and the responsiveness for incident resolution and speed of program delivery was greatly increased.


Keurig Dr Pepper

Rocket paced business expansion also requires careful implementation of appropriate process and governance. Headquarted in Vermont, USA, Keurig has been one of the darlings of the NYSE with a stock price that has increased from $8 in 2009 to $150 in 2014. Over the same period, the company grew in revenue from $500 million to roughly $5 billion. Attracting talent to the organization who can bring experience of operating at scale yet who can still harness the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven such growth is a real challenge. Candela has been helping Keurig in critical areas such as providing leaders to manage their information security, data science and business intelligence.



A global conglomerate with unrivaled ambition. In 2010, on the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Samsung Electronics, the organization set itself an ambitious vision for 2020. Key targets include $400 billion of revenue, rank the world’s fifth in brand value and become among the world’s top ten respected companies. Three key strategic pillars to achieving these goals are ‘Creativity’, ‘Partnership’ and ‘Great People’. Candela has been partnering with Samsung to help the organization identify and attract top talent with a particular focus on bringing innovation, ideas and direction from modern, consumer orientated digital companies.



One of the world’s largest ecommerce players, Office Depot has over 65,000 staff and annual revenues of over $17 billion. The office supplies retailer runs a complex international business covering multiple geographies and competes in a fierce market against pure play internet retailers where margins are constantly under pressure. Candela has been helping attract leaders to this Fortune 250 to simplify its ecommerce and IT operations; reducing operating costs, improving functionality of services and increasing customer satisfaction.


Stage Stores Inc.

Stage Stores is a Texas based retailer, operating both department stores and off-price outlets under a variety of different brands in over 800 stores across 40 States. The retailer has proved its success in the traditional store based retail model but has been relatively slow to embrace the internet and multichannel commerce. Candela has been helping with this journey and providing the necessary leadership team to rapidly expedite online revenue in conjunction with creating a unified customer experience across all channels.

Stage - Grayscale.png


Elsevier is part of the Reed Elsevier Group, a member of the FTSE 30. The Elsevier division is the world’s leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information, serving more than 30 million scientists, students and health and information professionals. It is the world’s fourth largest provider of paid subscription content after Google, China Mobile and Bloomberg. Elsevier has a unique opportunity to capitalize on the digitization of the publishing industry by designing dynamic, innovative products and platforms for its customers. Candela has been helping attract rock star talent from some of the preeminent West Coast technology organizations to spearhead a transformation of the organization to a product rather than IT focused business.