Diversity is critical to our


Our principles.

We have honed our process to ensure that it improves the balance of our research and placements.

In late 2021, Forbes found that companies with higher levels of diversity are 70% more likely to capture greater market share and, in turn, generate more profit.

Targeted Results

We frequently add additional researchers to assignments, tasked solely with improving the gender balance by looking for the gaps in the candidate research and by thinking more laterally about transferable skills.

The results are tangible, and the client can see the candidate mix of the research improve. In a recent assignment for Experian, in a heavily male dominated discipline, the research went from 9% to over 20% female in just three weeks.

Candidate Engagement

Such is the demand from all companies to improve the balance of senior technology leadership teams, that any prospective messaging and approach to a diverse technology leader needs to stand out from the rest.

Candidates with a deep technical background combined with strong communication, leadership and stakeholder engagement skills are highly prized and in short supply. Engagement with any prospective candidate is key – from an accurate and compelling first point of communication to an ongoing daily interaction striking the right balance between tenacity and humility.

Candela is a Partner led business, meaning the Partners are involved in initial calls to candidates and directly managing all parts of the recruitment process. The fact that we do not delegate these key tasks to junior staff members increases our effectiveness with highly prized and sought-after candidates.

Focus on Diversity

At Candela, we are committed to increasing diversity across executive leadership and technology, and this certainly includes gender diversity.

Deloitte Global predicted that large global technology firms on average will reach nearly 33% overall female representation in their workforces by the end of 2022. While this upward trend is exciting, we at Candela feel that there is still room for improvement. We strive to exceed this figure and continue to make strides in building more diverse teams.
Industry average candidates

Women 27%

Men 73%

Candela shortlisted candidates

Women 40%

Men 60%

Candela placed candidates

Women 58%

Men 42%


Candela has opened our eyes to what we should expect from executive search firms. They have provided talent that we never thought we could attract and raised the bar of expectation for our other partners.
— Group Head of Talent, Fortune 100 Retail Company.