Our process is interactive and


Our process.

We believe that a strong process underpins consistent results and can illuminate hidden talent.

We reward our staff based on their adherence to our process, their results to our clients and candidates and their attitude. Our process workflow is both interactive and transparent with our partners. It is simple to understand and engage with; predictable in terms of milestones; and ultimately delivers successful results.

Process driven results.

Our tried and tested process is rigorous, leaving no stone unturned in the search for talent.

Process + People + Passion = Access to the best candidates.

Week 1
Briefing Call
  • Gathering critical role information
  • Identifying core competencies
  • Clarifying client priorities
  • Learning company nuances that will impact the role
Briefing Pack + Calibration Interview
  • Delivery of target list, in-depth role description and recruitment strategy
  • Calibration candidate interview
  • Use client feedback to refine search criteria and strategy
WEEK 2 – 3
Talent Mapping + Sourcing
  • Ongoing creation of long list of high-potential executives
  • Qualification of potential targets and identification of suitable candidates
Candidate Selection
  • Competency-based interviews
  • Transparent feedback
  • Regular client update meetings
  • Targeted informal referencing
WEEK 3 – 6
Shortlist Presentation
  • Shortlist: Five qualified candidates
  • Formal referencing
Client Interviews
  • Proactive scheduling
  • Transparent client and candidate feedback
WEEK 6 – 8
  • Candidate selection
  • Offer negotiation and placement
  • Transparent feedback
  • Onboarding assistance


Candela operates a very efficient, smooth and professional service, which has resulted in several excellent candidates being placed.
— HR Director, FTSE 25 Pharmaceutical Company.