Consumer Insights + Data are Reshaping Retail

Data + Analytics

Commercial decisions in the retail landscape are increasingly based on data and analytics.

Most leading retailers already heavily invested in creating the technical capability needed to capture vast amounts of raw data appropriately, and now focusing on improving the manner and speed with which insights can lead to change across the organization.

The emergence of new digital and social shopping channels has offered retailers unprecedented access to customer information and – combined with the cloud and advanced analytics capability – customer insights are now one of the key battlegrounds in the global retail space.

Analytics enables a shift of focus from simply delivering data to establishing a business analytics approach for evolving to an intelligent enterprise.

Organizations make decisions based on analysis of data to: 

  • Create plans, explore alternatives and understand trade-offs
  • Monitor operational and financial performance
  • Drive day-to-day operational processes, allocate capital and resources
  • Predict future outcomes
  • Respond to changes in business conditions

 Benefits of business analytics include:

  • More informed decision making
  • Greater revenue
  • Improved operational efficiency

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