Data + Innovation in Healthcare

June 24, 2021
Data + Analytics

The Convergence of Data + Analytics

Data and analytics capabilities have traditionally been considered distinct capabilities and have been managed accordingly.

The collision of data and analytics will increase interaction and collaboration between previously separate data and analytics roles. This impacts not only the technologies and capabilities provided, but also the people and processes that support and use them. The spectrum of roles will extend from traditional data and analytics roles to a more nuanced and bespoke approach.

To turn the collision into a constructive convergence, organizations must incorporate both data and analytics tools and capabilities into the analytics stack. Beyond tools, there must be a focus on people and processes to foster communication and collaboration.

Data + Innovation in the Healthcare Context

In the context of the healthcare system – which is increasingly data-reliant – data analytics can help derive insights on systemic waste of resources, can track individual practitioner performance and can even monitor the health of populations and identify people at risk for chronic diseases. With this information, the healthcare system can more efficiently allocate resources in order to maximize revenue, population health and, most importantly, patient care.

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